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Your Data – Our Consultants – 5 Days – No Charge
Find some data
that you
haven’t had
time to

Find some
reports and
that need a

Give the Data
5 days to
perform their

Take the
results with

Tableau & Alteryx Consultants

Tableau and Alteryx resources
are hard to find.

Good Tableau and Alteryx
resources are impossible to find

The Data School consultants
have 4 months – that’s 80 days
or 640 hours – of intense
analytics training.

Available to work as part of
your team for 6 months.

You get amazing results.

Data School Consultants
are different to your
average contractor.

1. Backed by the full
force of MIP Australia

2. Access to the global
Data School Alumni

3. Certified in the latest
versions of both
Tableau & Alteryx

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