Tableau Server

This course covers Tableau Server functionality required for Tableau Server users regardless of their role.


The course starts with an understanding of the server components and moves to an understanding of the User Interface, Permissions, how to Interact, Collaborate using Tableau Server and how to use the Web Editor.

We also touch on the Tableau Server Admin Commands. The lessons are organised into modules that provide conceptual information, follow me sessions and tutorials on each subject.

The workshops provide the opportunity to use the full functionality of Tableau Server from the different users perspective.


Tableau Server system and site administrators, publishers, interactors and viewers.

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites: None



This session will explain the:

  • Business System Architecture
  • Tableau Server including benefits
  • Physical Architecture of Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server Component Functions and Processes
  • Tableau Reader
  • Difference between Tableau Server On-Premises and Tableau Server Online.


Your understanding of Tableau Server will be enhanced and you will know the difference between, Tableau Reader, Tableau Server On-Premises and Tableau Server Online.


Here we look at the technical specifications and what you need to do before you install, how to install and how to setup Tableau Server from both a configuration and authentication perspective.


Install and Configure Server exercise


You will understand all the Tableau Server installation and authentication options.


To illustrate the relationship between components in Tableau Server and to give you a full understanding of the different aspects of the UI, as well as explaining the Tableau Server Component Architecture and the Tableau Server Menus.


During the first Follow Me session you will:

  • Create a Site and Project
  • Publishing a Workbook and Data Source to server

This will be backed up by the first series of exercises to reinforce your knowledge of publishing to server.

The second Follow Me session is where you will:

  • Learn user management
  • Scheduling

For the third Follow Me we will:

  • Navigate the Status and Settings
  • View the Warnings
  • Change the Start-Up page

And for the last Follow Me we:

  • Displaying Content
  • Apply Advanced Filtering of Content on Tableau Server.


You will understand the different components in Tableau Server:

  • Sites
  • Content
  • Projects
  • Workbooks
  • Views
  • Data Sources
  • Details

And the Tableau Server Menus:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Schedules
  • Tasks
  • Status
  • Settings
  • Warnings
  • Favourites
  • Licenses
  • Information
  • My Account Settings
  • Make this My Start Page
  • Sort by
  • Filters


Explain how Permissions work in Tableau Server.

This includes understanding the different levels of permission, which users can set permissions, what a user site role is and what limitations there are for each site role and understand how permissions can be set at the different levels of:

  • Project
  • Content
  • User Group
  • User


In the Follow Me session you will:

  • Assign Site roles to Users
  • Assign User permissions when Publishing a Workbook
  • Create Groups and assign permissions to Groups
  • Assign Project, Workbook and Data Source permissions on Users

The exercise include:

  • Signing in as Server Administrator
  • Creating a Group
  • Assigning Users to the Group
  • Changing Project permissions
  • Login as specific Users to see what access they have


You will have an understanding the different levels of permission and what each permission will allow the user to access.


We will find out how to interacting with a view:

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Revert
  • Refresh
  • Pause
  • View Original
  • Share
  • Download
  • Full Screen


Interact Follow Me includes using the Undo, Redo, Revert, Pause and View Original options.


You will be able to interact with Tableau views and dashboards from Tableau Server in a browser.


Here we understand how to collaborate by adding Comments, Subscribing to a View and Creating Alerts.


The Collaborate Follow Me explores the Comment, Subscription and Alert options.


You will understand the importance of being able to collaborate with your community using comments, subscriptions and alerts.


In the Web Editor session you will learn about the different parts of the interface.


During the Web Editor Follow Me you will create a:

  • Bar Graph
  • Side-by-side Bar Chart
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Histogram
  • Geographic Map
  • Filled Map
  • Line Chart
  • Dual Axis Chart


You will learn how to use Tableau Servers web editing feature to create or modify views and dashboards in a browser.


This section is used to illustrate how the administrator uses tabadmin and tabcmd commands and to understand that Tableau Services Manager (TSM) replaces the Configuration Utility from the next release of the software.


An exercise to use tabadmin to stop the Tableau Server, followed by using the Tableau Server Configuration Utility to change the caching option and then start the server again using tabadmin command.


Administrators will be able to use the admin command tools to interact with Tableau Server.

Tell Me, I’ll Forget;
Show Me, I’ll Remember;
Let Me Do It, I’ll Understand

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