Getting Started Analyzing Data

Use the Tile tool to group customers by number of visits and amount spent, create a new field that categorizes them (low or high) based on the visits and spent groups using the Formula tool.

Getting Started Blending Data

Use the Join tool to merge transactional data with customer information from two different data sources, XML and Excel, into a single data stream. And then use the Summarize tool to aggregate the transactions for each ‘customer segment’.

Getting Started Filtering Data

Find records using the Filter tool that match a basic expression ‘scores’ is greater than ‘50’, and order the results from highest to lowest with the Sort tool.

Getting Started Preparing Data

Input an Alteryx Database file (YXDB) that contains a list of addresses, and prepare the data for analytics. Use the Select tool to remove, rename, and reorder the fields.

Tour of Alteryx Designer

Overview of Menus, tools, Workflows, Properties, and Run time events. Learn to customize the Designer layout, find help, and get tutorials and samples.