MIP Training

MIP is Australia’s leading provider for data and analytics training.
Specialising in Tableau, Alteryx, WhereScape, PowerBI, H2O and Collibra.

Data lies at the heart of your organisation and its effective use is vital for operational efficiency and competitiveness. That’s why you’ve invested in a flexible, powerful data & analytics platform. But the work doesn’t stop when your solution goes live.

Business goals change and the value needed from software evolves over time. This is why MIP offers a portfolio of training courses designed to support you throughout your data journey.

MIP’s suite of courses can be delivered in a format that suits your organisation. The courses have been designed to ensure you are best positioned to extract the maximum value from your investment in analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing systems.

Tableau Courses


This course is ideal for those who are new to Tableau.  The course covers Tableau Creator functionality to make users productive in their everyday use of  Tableau.


Tableau Prep enables a visual way of manipulating your data ready for consumption by Tableau, this one day course to get you familiar with the functionality and options using Tableau Prep.


This course is aimed at beginners who want to understand the functionality of the Tableau Explorer tool.


An intermediate-level course for Tableau Creator users to explore more advanced functionality.


An advanced-level course to provide the skills needed to master all of the functionality that Tableau Creator offers.


Tableau Server allows you to organise, edit, share and collaborate on Tableau dashboards.  This course is relevant for anyone who wants to publish their dashboards and visualisations for use across the whole organisation.

Visual Analytics and Best Practices

This course teaches you about design considerations to ensure your visualisations tell the right story.

Alteryx Courses


This course is ideal for those who are new to Alteryx.  The course covers Alteryx Designer functionality to make users productive in their everyday use of  Alteryx.


This course covers Alteryx Designer for new and intermediate Alteryx users.


This course covers Alteryx for advanced Alteryx users.

Corporate Training Plan

MIP can help design the best training plan for you and your staff.

Corporate Training Plans start with an analysis of the current skill level of your team.  The plan then maps out each person’s respective journey through to becoming a fully trained developer.  The MIP training can also be used to achieve product certification.

Collibra Courses

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Then this course is for you! Discover the core aspects of best practice data governance in Collibra.

Data Catalog

Would you like to automate the process of identifying, analysing and recording all your data sources? Sign up today and learn how Collibra can make your life easier.

Data Stewardship

A data governance plan is only half the adventure; the other half is maintaining it! Let us educate you on how best to maintain your data governance processes by empowering the Data Steward.

Workflow Engineering

Learn how to bring business process into data governance using customisable workflows.

Foundation of Data Governance

Learn how data governance can help you and your organisation to manage your data more effectively using Collibra.

WhereScape Courses


WhereScape Developer course is designed for new and existing data warehouse practitioners.


This course includes training on the usage of WhereScape to validate and report on any data warehouse issues.


Overview of functionality that is embedded within 3D.

Doctor Sessions

To reinforce the training sessions, MIP recommends a series of “Doctor Sessions“.

MIP consultants can be booked to help your team with real-world problems and challenges.

Our experienced consultants will meet 1-on-1 with your staff and provide advice on issues, techniques and best practices to ensure the training becomes “sticky” – that is, part of their everyday practices.

Solving your organisation’s real issues with the help of an experienced consultant helps to make the new learning permanent.

Power BI


Elevate your knowledge in Power BI, learn the best practices that will guide your journey as a data expert.


An advanced course to help in your journey as a skilled developer and data strategist for your organisation.

Machine Learning


This course is a practitioner’s guide to machine learning using Alteryx.


Business understanding

Understanding both technical and business process drivers offers you a holistic approach to training.

Knowing how to apply technology to a business problem provides a better outcome than just understanding a bunch of product features.


Local Training Centres

Dedicated Australian-based training facilities focused on providing you with the absolute best training available.

We can also offer onsite or online training to suit your needs.


Real World Experience

MIP’s trainers have real-world consulting experience and bring the skills and experience to the classroom.

They know what works and how to get the best out of the technology.

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