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Retail and Wholesale

Retailers face a fragmenting audience as new channels emerge and fight for the attention of consumers. At the same time the challenge of changing demographics and store modalities mean that black box analytics no longer meet the need.

Retailers thrive – or wither – by mastering their supply chain, optimizing pricing, understanding customers, and ultimately selling stuff. As retailers mushroom in size, format, and scope, success will increasingly rely on timely, insightful decisions to do these things exceedingly well.

Lots of data is already available to retailers to make good decisions – from loyalty programs and web analytics to third-party information and point-of-sale details. But there’s a big gap between having the data and putting it to work for you. MIP has analytical depth and visualization capabilities that can help improve your retail analytics by allowing you to:

  • Create interactive dashboards that support real-time decisions
  • Incorporate geographical-based data for targeted segmentation
  • Blend multiple data sources for more robust analysis

Marketing Applications:

  • Customer Insight
  • Omni-Channel Analytics
  • Marketing Resource Optimization
  • Social Media Analysis

Merchandising Applications:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Assortment Planning & Optimization
  • Allocation

Supply Chain Applications:

  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Network Optimization

Store Operations Applications:

  • Workforce Planning & Optimization
  • Performance Analysis

Corporate Strategic Planning Applications:

  • Site Selection/Trade Area Optimization


Manufacturing data is constantly changing but immediately relevant. Collecting it in real-time can be the key to a profitable operation. Why not analyze your data in real time too?

Connect to orders data to analyze the production, shipping and profitability of every process. Compare your company to published industry metrics with sophisticated manufacturing charts. Calculate and analyze with a click of the mouse. Combine your views in interactive dashboards. Use an MIP Solution today to share and monitor across your entire organization. Automatic data updates keep your analysis in real time.