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Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods data is uniquely challenging. Leadership in the (CPG) sector requires deep insights into customers, products and geography. Manufacturers and their retail partners must work together to locate and profile their best customers, and then get those products to them through the right channels Seasonality, channel conflict, and changing demographics all require deep analytics, faster than traditional solutions can deliver.

Analysts in CPG organizations can take advantage of all of the data available to them including Point of Sale (POS), Retail Floor Space Management (RFSM), demographics, and marketing data to drive critical decisions across departments.

MIP’s Solution will provide;

  • Business leaders can confidently make strategic merchandizing decisions across multi-channel networks with detailed predictive analytics
  • Merchandising managers and analysts can rapidly bring together the specific dataset they need in minutes
  • IT leaders reduce the backlog of request for new data and analytics, while automating repetitive data tasks
  • Understand the impact of SMA representative visits to stores.
  • Avoid Out of Stocks (OOS) and track pre-and post-visit data on On Shelf Availability (OSA%) and Shelf Voids.
  • Provide executives with a full view into the health of the organization through monitoring KPIs .
  • Highlight a single KPI across all retailers or see all KPIs across a single retailer.
  • Evaluate a promotions effectiveness