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Banking and Financial Services

Bankings & Financial Services distinguish themselves by the quality of their service and with customers being savvier, MIP has a Solution that can offer customers a new level of insight and stand out from the competition.

For banking analytics and bank business intelligence.

MIP Solution will:

  • Provide web-based tools for clients and salespeople to track the value of savings and investments
  • Provide what-if analysis to help clients understand the effects of changes in investment decisions
  • Monitor loans and manage risk across geographies with interactive bank dashboards
  • Dynamically produce reports on outstanding accounts that require attention

MIP Solution provides financial services institutions that insight with fast data blending, easier to use analytics and simple ways to share information with decision makers.

  • Access and blend all your data – structured and unstructured — to get one unified picture of the customer
  • Build analytical models quickly, in a drag and drop environment, to calculate risk and profitability potential of an asset, a customer, or a location
  • Provide analytic results to front-line personnel in time to empower decision-making.
  • All of this can be delivered while maintaining the transparency required for regulatory compliance