We understand your challenges in big data

The excitement surrounding Big Data analytics reflects a genuine opportunity for organizations to gain new sources of insight from new sources of data. With the growth of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data there has never been a better time to drive improvements in customer engagement, process performance, and strategic decision-making.

If it’s hard to comprehend a few thousand rows of numbers, what chance do you have to get insight from millions or billions of rows at a time? How do you get value from all that data?
With the help of MIP. We take a different approach by putting the value of Big Data in the hands of all analysts and decision makers with simple tools.

All relevant data

Access, integration, and cleaning of sources of data as varied as Hadoop (including Cloudera & MapR) or NoSQL (MongoDB) and Excel or Teradata.

Fastest Platform to build analytics

Sophisticated but accessible predictive and spatial tools, combined in a simple, workflow design environment.

Simple sharing of Big Data analytics

Single click sharing of analytic applications that can be used by any decision maker and the ability for business users to visualize data so they can spot trends