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Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Used by more than 19,000 companies and organizations worldwide, Tableau delivers fast analytics, visualization and rapid-fire business intelligence.

What is Tableau?

Tableau Desktop

Lets you drag and drop to visualise and explore your data, create dashboards and stories and share your work with others. You can connect to all kinds of data (files, cloud sources, Big Data, databases etc). Tableau is fast, flexible, and supports best practice visualisation. You can build many different kinds of visualisations and dashboards in many styles to suit your audience’s needs and preferences, including infographics, guided analysis and exploratory dashboards. Powerful capability is readily available including date capability, forecasting & mapping capability. There are different ways you can share interactive visualisations or static versions of your data or reports.

Tableau Server

Lets you securely share your visualisations, stories and dashboards with others, who can access them with a web browser on any mobile device. Those with permission can also edit and create new visualisations in a web browser. You can centrally store and share your metadata and schedule extract creation so your Tableau Desktop authors are using the right data.

Tableau allows you to interact with your data and tell stories to explain business decisions, or to engage and convince others.

What does Tableau look like?

Depending on what you want to see in your data and who the audience is, Tableau Software helps you visualise and share data in many ways.

Where does Tableau fit in?

Tableau fits in wherever you have data that you need to see, understand or show to others – quickly, easily and beautifully.

  • At the very beginning of your data work & during data preparation – so you can see the data in its raw state and what you need to do to it as you iterate the data and prototype your business question or the end user requirement
  • During data discovery and analytics to easily examine the data in many different ways and explore things of interest, whether there are outliers, trends or gaps)
  • As part of day to day ad hoc analysis to answer questions or understand emerging trends
  • For operational and strategic monitoring and decision making, whether interacting with a dashboard to answer a business question or reviewing a story to see the evidence underlying a recommendation

Who is Tableau for?

Tableau is designed for a business person and is for anyone who needs to explore, visualise, understand and share their data quickly, beautifully and easily including;

  • Business users who need to understand their data and make decisions based on it, including executives, managers, mobile/field staff, operational staff, internal and external stakeholders
  • Business users who need to work with their data to answer their own and others’ questions including line of business users, business analysts, data analysts, Business Intelligence experts
  • IT professionals including developers, Database Administrators, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence experts who need to examine and quality check their data and share it with others