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Agile testing software for data warehouse and BI projects.

What is SMART-CIT?

SMART-CIT is a suite of automated Continuous Integration Testing programs specifically designed for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects.
The system builds a repository of tests that ensure every new developed component is tested in and of itself, and tested in relation to every other component up and downstream, ensuring the new component does not break anything else in the system. Covering Unit, System, UAT and Integration testing for data-oriented projects.

SMART-CIT represents a new generation of intelligent testing software – detecting only relevant tests required – unnecessary tests dont need to run saving huge amounts of time, cost and processing power.

How SMART-CIT works

  • Testing that allows you to automatically and efficiently perform the equivalent of a FULL UAT every time anything is changed, no matter how minor
  • Tests CHANGE, and so avoids uncontrollable  increases in complexity as the system grows
  • Saves an average of 80% of testing time
  • Can be used in Agile projects, and equally well in SDLC projects

Why automated testing?

  • Provide data-centric  testing for Data Warehousing and BI Projects
  • Ensure the solution works
  • Protect existing software investments
  • Automate a complex, time consuming process
  • Continue to accurately and extensively test systems as they get larger and larger
  • Test the end to end data warehouse process, ensuring all data dependencies are covered

Why is testing for data warehousing and BI projects special?

  • We need to test DATA, not software
  • Data processing is complex and interrelated
  • Data lineage and impact analysis are difficult to identify
  • Thorough testing takes time and money
  • Testing effort is often needlessly repeated

SMART-CIT integration with WhereScape RED

SMART-CIT integrates seamlessly with WhereScape RED – automatically synchronising with the RED metadata repository to ensure that every object built is available in SMART-CIT for testing.

Benefits of SMART-CIT

  • The first product of its kind to allow effective, comprehensive, automated testing of data-centric software
  • Targets ONLY the specific transformations and tests which need to be run
  • Store all tests safe in a central repository
  • Reduces time, cost, complexity of testing
  • Tests every component –  unit, system, integration and UAT testing all in one product
  • Vastly improves quality and reliability of the overall solution for the long term
  • Immediate traffic light visual display of test results and overall test status

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