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Privacy and Risk

Data can change an entire enterprise, but it also presents a challenge.

With Collibra, you can find insightful information and trust that it is accurate.

Data can change an entire enterprise, but it also presents a challenge.

With Collibra, you can find insightful information and trust that it is accurate.


Questions around data’s quality and relevance are increasingly difficult for modern enterprises to answer.

Collibra Data Governance helps organisations understand their ever-growing amounts of data in a way that scales with growth and change, so that teams can trust and use their data to improve their business.

Business Glossary

Define the terminology, rules and regulations that matter to your business so everyone operates off the same foundation.

Data Dictionary

Document your metadata and its use. It describes the structure of data, its relationship with other data, its origin, its format and its use.

Policy Manager

Create, review and update data policies so that they are adopted and applied throughout your organisation. Make the logic and rules easily identifiable.

Reference Data

With a common understanding of how data is organised, classified and connected, data users can reconcile data between systems for more accurate reporting and analysis.


Collibra Data Catalog empowers business users to quickly discover and understand data that matters so they can generate impactful insights that drive business value.

Leveraging Collibra’s industry-leading governance capabilities Collibra Data Catalog ensures Data Citizens always have access to the most trusted data available.

Create a unified view of all data assets

Gain comprehensive visibility into all relevant data with full business context — where it came from, who owns it, who uses it — for meaningful analysis and extended collaboration.

Trust the data you use for analysis

Ensure privacy policies are adhered to and that users always have access to trusted and approved data with industry-leading capabilities for efficient and effective data governance.

Empower your organisation with data

Enable self-service data access so users can quickly and easily find the trustworthy, pre-defined and pre-approved data they need to do their jobs without waiting in the IT queue.

Focus on delivering business insights

Allow analysts to spend less time searching for data and reports and more time deriving new insights and sharing their findings via integrations with leading business intelligence tools.

Privacy and Risk

Collibra delivers privacy from a Data Intelligent foundation that centralises, automates and guides privacy workflows.

Privacy by design is embedded into a single platform, enabling teams across departments to collaborate and operationalise privacy.
By awakening the value of data, Collibra accelerates an organisation ability to address global regulatory requirements.

Accelerate privacy operations with the data you already have

Automate business processes, data mapping, and PI discovery and classification for privacy workflows.

Collaborate on a single platform across teams

Empower the privacy office, data governance team, and business owners to deliver privacy initiatives with role-relevant context.

Operationalise policies in a central location

Govern privacy policies to ensure policies are effectively managed across the enterprise. Define and document workflows, traceability views, and business processes registers.

Scale compliance across multiple regulations

Use a platform built with privacy by design principles that is easily extensible to support new regulations.

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