At your business today…

Ironically, the more data you collect, the harder it is to find the data you need. Part of the problem is that the data and the information about it is spread across disparate databases, wikis, data dictionaries, metadata tools, glossaries, and systems like Hadoop. Another challenge is that different systems and employees refer to things in different ways. On top of that, it’s hard for anyone to figure out which information is up-to-date, which metrics are miscalculated, and which datasets are trustworthy.

Alation can…

Accelerate time-to-insight
Reduce costly errors and reconciliation
Provide a single point for universal data access

Find the needle in your data haystack.

Getting the right answer just takes too long. You shouldn’t have to know every last acronym, abbreviation, and quirk of your data to get last month’s sales report. Your enterprise is flooded with data and documentation surrounding the data, not to mention smart people who can analyze it. But because your data is so complex, it takes too much time to get the right answer or even find the person that could give you the right answer. Sometimes, you get lucky. Sometimes, you wait. Much of the time, you just make assumptions (occasionally resulting in rework) based on the information you have.

Simple, powerful search

Search in English, not “Databese”

Want to find data on Sales, Customer Engagement, Pricing, Churn, Marketing Spend, FTP, ICD-10, CTR (whether it means “center”, “counter”, “click-through-rate,” or something else), or whatever else you can think of? Type away. We’ll find it for you.

Find the data, no matter where it lives

We’ll find the right data whether it lives in Hadoop, MySQL, Oracle, Vertica, Teradata or any of the many databases and file systems that we support. We’ll help you understand the results with technical metadata, usage metadata, and documentation. Your data can be all over the place. You’ll be able to search over everything from one place.


Want to find tables that take up more than a terabyte which haven’t been queried in the last 6 months? Or tables populated from the transaction_full table which have been queried by Susan (the expert on revenue calculation)? Alation lets you facet on technical, social, and relational properties. Want more facets? Alation is extensible.

Seamlessly collaborate

Find the Expert

Can’t find the data you need? Or, maybe you just don’t understand the data you find. Alation discovers the experts so that you can get to work faster.

When you can’t find the answer, Converse

What if the answer doesn’t exist or you just can’t find it?  No worries.  Alation Converse allows you ask experts a question. If your question is technical, experts can include live links to datasets and even queries that you can modify and re-run. The entire conversation gets tracked in Alation, and is readily visible to anyone looking at any of the tables or queries mentioned.

Trust your data

Endorsements and Ratings

Alation’s machine learning algorithms leverage statistics on usage and visits to rank every data object in your company. But sometimes machines are not enough, and your data experts—analysts, stewards, IT folks, and data governors—can improve the rankings by rating and annotating data. This way, you can quickly know if a report is putting you on the wrong track.

Contextual Validation

Learn about who has used the data in the past, how they’ve used it, and when the data was last refreshed.

Discovery in context


Alation lets you easily understand terminology from your enterprise business glossary, and link it to the underlying data and SQL code.  Want to know the best practice for calculating churn using the marketing database? Glossary helps you find the required knowledge, fast.

Automated Data Dictionary

Alation automatically documents data across all your sources. Access relevant information (including definitions, experts, lineage, keys and indices, relevant queries, etc.) to understand the semantics of your data and how you can use it.

Extensible Model

Customize fields in your data dictionary and glossary to suit the needs of your organization.


Find articles with best practices, tips, and examples directly in Alation. You can even see a sample of results, images, linked references to people, data and reports.