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We understand your challenges in data warehousing

In this age of Big Data we often hear vendors say "You don't need a Data Warehouse when you have a Big Data Solution".

So where does the Data Warehouse fit?

We understand your challenges in data warehousing

In this age of Big Data we often hear vendors say "You don't need a Data Warehouse when you have a Big Data Solution".

So where does the Data Warehouse fit?

Agile Data Warehousing

Agile data warehousing is a system design and implementation approach focused on delivering business value and functionality early and on a continuous basis. Agile Data Warehousing uses a framework comprising specific design methods, agile development and testing applications and agile project methodology, which in combination allow for implementation automation.

Our team of agile Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Professionals delivers on this promise every day.

Data Warehouse Automation

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) – the ability to radically speed up Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence development lifecycles using automated means.

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) provides dramatic and sustainable productivity improvements during the development and maintenance of data management solution implementations.

  • Automated source system discovery, target schema design and validation
  • Automated generation of target schema and ELT code
  • Automated testing for compliance and change
  • Automated generation / management of BI metadata
  • Automated documentation and lineage


Business involvement from early phases of the project guarantees:

  • Quality of work
  • Acceptance by business
  • Adoption by IT and support staff

Early and often delivery of business value – in weeks, not in months.

Aligns delivered functionality with what business really needs.

Usage of agile tools and methodology creates scalable and extensible Data Warehouse system.

Automatically delivers methods for efficient impact analysis and upgrades.

Early detection and resolution of performance bottlenecks.

At MIP, our credo is “Information at the Speed of Business”.


Agile development applications which deliver:

  • Consistent and standardised database and ETL/ELT coding
  • Data workflow
  • Enterprise analytics, visualisations and reporting
  • Efficient and painless refactoring of earlier delivered code and data flow

Extensive usage of data warehouse automation software to:

  • Connect to source systems
  • Generate objects, transformations
  • Support standards for development (naming conventions, code structure, design patterns)
  • Create and support data flow
  • Exception handling
  • System testing
  • System maintenance

Requirements and architecture envisioning – Experience counts!

Unified and standardised code development.

Scalable and extensible architecture and data model.

Agile project methodology.

Agile modelling – requires appropriate design methodology, such as Data Vault.

MIP utilises:

  • WhereScape 3D to automate source data discovery and create source database documentation.
  • WhereScape RED and its automation abilities to develop, document, deploy, support and maintain the entire data warehouse.
  • SMART-CIT is automated, Continuous Integration Testing software. It allows you to automate the testing of complex, data-related system builds. It’s exclusively designed for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence projects.
  • Tableau to quickly visualize the data from any layer of the data warehouse, and/or OLAP cubes and from any other source.
  • Agile Development Methodology applied to the end to end solution development to ensure early and continuous development of business value, and embrace changing business priorities

The combination of Agile Technologies, Agile Techniques and MIP’s deep expertise and experience in successfully applying these principles to hundreds of client projects means we deliver more value, sooner, for less cost than any other company in the market today.

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