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Case Studies

For over 28 years, MIP have been helping organisations around the country achieve their Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence needs.

MIP have helped thousands of customers to connect, analyse, visualise and persist their data. Here are the stories of just a few of our customers who we have helped to succeed.

TEYS Australia speeds up analytics with MIP

Teys Australia is a business committed to driving innovation and embracing digital technologies.

In order to understand operational performance and make meaningful changes in real time, Teys needs to be able to rapidly extract, aggregate and visualise data from a variety of sources. However, its presentation layer technology needed to be reviewed in order to meet its data ambitions.

Download the case study to find out how MIP helped Teys Australia overcome this challenge using Tableau.

Automation that saved Lendlease time and resources with MIP

Instead of a mind-numbing, soul-crushing series of clicks, what if data reporting was one broad function accomplished by higher-order tools? What if instead of a thousand actions, you took just one or two?

Learn how Lendlease standardised reporting internally, by increasing quality and reporting capability across the company and enabling the business to baseline all of its projects. Allowing for greater oversight against standard progress measures.

Automation that saved Lendlease time and resources

AFCX Boosts businesses' ability to tackle financial and cyber crime with MIP

Launched in 2016, the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange is an independent, not-for-profit organisation designed to assist businesses combat financial-related crimes. Established by the nation’s four major banks as an independent entity, the AFCX works collaboratively with government and law enforcement agencies.

Download the complete case study to find out how MIP have helped the Australian Financial Crimes Exchange.

How Hunter Douglas unlocked its data with MIP

Hunter Douglas is considered “the world’s leading maker of window blinds and coverings”. It has been a successful worldwide business for decades.

“CFO, Peter Hughes, explains:” – Red has unlocked a huge amount of data. The value of that is infinite.

Hear more about how WhereScape RED helped a CFO gain valuable insights to the information locked within his JD Edwards ERP system

Hunter Douglas MIP Case Study

CEDP gains valuable insights into schooling outcomes with MIP

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta gains valuable insights into schooling outcomes with MIP

Chief Information Officer Raju Varanasi explains: – “MIP is a valuable partner who has helped us ensure that we can extract maximum value from all our data sources.”

Download the complete case study to find out how MIP have helped Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta gain valuable insights from their data.

Indago Digital tames rising data volumes with MIP

Indago Digital tames rising data volumes with MIP

Sales and Marketing Director Tom Sadler explains: -“We were facing an increasing battle when it came to efficiently managing large data sets and turning them into valuable insights for our clients.”

Download the complete case study to find out how MIP have helped Indago Digital manage rising data volumes.

Aussie telco improves sales tracking capabilities with MIP

A leading Australian telecommunications company has been serving a growing customer base with a portfolio of products including fixed-line and mobile networks as well as broadband internet services for more than 30 years.

As well as its nationwide networks and supporting infrastructure, the company operates a series of retail stores which incorporate product showrooms and provide access to technical and customer support staff.

Download the case study to find out MIP have helped a leading telecommunications company understand and connect with their customers.

Bill Inmon father of Data Warehousing

Bill Inmon endorses MIP and our Agile Approach to Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence. Bill Inmon is a computer scientist, recognized by many as the father of the data warehouse. Bill Inmon has become the most prolific and well-known author worldwide in the data warehousing and business intelligence arena.

Bill Inmon, the father of data warehousing

Super fund transforms reporting and testing capabilities with MIP

Chief Information Officer and Executive Manager Member and Employer Services Clare Tam explains: – “MIP is very responsive and easy to work with. It’s clear that they understood our challenges and were able to provide the tools and guidance we needed to overcome them”

Download the case study to find out how MIP have helped Super Fund enhance their reporting and testing capabilities.

WhereScape and First Data team with MIP to fast track prototyping

First Data Corporation is a global payment processing company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. First Data is a provider of electronic commerce and payment solutions.

“IT Manager, Richard Ridge, explains: – “After 38 iterations of the business requirements, we knew we needed a new approach. Not only had the process taken months, there was a clear risk that if we proceeded to a full build, the business users would not be happy with the results.”

Richard was aware of WhereScape RED’s reputation for supporting an Agile approach to Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. He saw this as key to reaching a shared understanding between business users and the development team.

“Using WhereScape RED, the MIP team produced a fully functioning prototype within a week”, Richard recalls.

For the first time the users knew what they wanted—because they could see it in action.”

First Data

Mental health organisation transforms their data analytics capabilities with MIP

Senior Manager Information, Communications and Technology Senior Manager, Steven Petrenko explains: – “MIP offered a great depth of knowledge in this analytics space. We could see that we were talking to people who had a tremendous amount of experience dealing with data and using it to tell a story”

Download the case study to find out how MIP have helped Neami transform their data analytics capabilities.

NSW Dept of Planning & Environment streamlines data analysis and refreshes monitors with MIP

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has improved how they analyse large data sets. The use of Alteryx and Tableau software has refreshed the look and feel of the Planning Monitors.

Daniel Brake, Manager of Data Governance and Reporting speaks on the outcome, “Where it had been taking the team around two full weeks each quarter to source and blend data, now takes a matter of minutes”.

Download the full case study to read more in detail.