WhereScape Data Vault Express course is designed for existing Data Warehouse Practitioners who wish to use WhereScape 3D to discover, profile and document a source system, capture user stories, create and document physical models, build and modify model conversions, create and document a Star Schema model, build and document a Data Vault model and export this model to WhereScape RED.

WhereScape RED is used to build the Data Vault and Data Mart. Once all objects are created, including the stored procedures, you will create a WhereScape Scheduler, a job to populate the data from the source system, through the Data Vault to the Star Schema.

The course teaches WhereScape 3D and RED features, and how to apply it to real life data scenarios using the rapid, iterative capability of WhereScape RED.



Data Warehouse Developers.


Business Needs:

  • Do you need to understand your source data?
  • Do you need to capture user stories to be included in the documentation of the source system?
  • Do you want to create a physical model from the data source?
  • Do you need to reconfigure the model conversion?
  • Do you need to design and document a dimension model?
  • Would you like to be able to automate the design of your data vault and to be able to export this design into a WhereScape RED data warehouse?



Tell me, show me, and let me do it.

Course Content:

WhereScape 3D Installation:

  • Install WhereScape 3D
  • Apply the License
  • Enable all functionality

Discover, Profile and Document a source system:

In WhereScape 3D we:

  • Create a local repository
  • Discover and Profile the source database
  • Modify the source database diagram
  • Use it to understand tables, columns, relationships and the data
  • Document the source database as HTML
  • View the documentation in a browser

Capture User Stories:

Within WhereScape 3D you will:

  • Create and enable new note types
    • User Story
    • Business Rule
    • Interview
  • Add a new User Story
  • Add a Business Rule
  • Add an Observation Note
  • Add an Interview record
  • Adjust the source database diagram
  • Document as a word document
  • View the documentation including the notes

Build Model Conversion:

The Model Conversions are a part of WhereScape 3D:

  • Setup a Physical model
  • Import the source system in to the new model
  • Modify the properties of the columns as required
  • Copy this model to create a second version
  • Build a new model conversion
  • Add to it the conversion rules
  • Modify an existing conversion rule

There is a current 3D Model Conversion Rules table along with a list of predefined variables in the student manuals.

Design Dimension Model:

WhereScape 3D also support Dimension modelling.

  • Create a new category
  • Add a star schema
  • Add predefined tables for the role-playing date dimension views
  • Create the dimension tables and generate any join queries
  • Create the fact table definition and generate the join query
  • Create the table joins between the dimension and fact tables
  • Create the artificial keys
  • Generate the star schema documentation
  • Review the documentation

Design Data Vault (automation):

In WhereScape 3D you will:

  • Build the Data Vault model
    • Create new categories
    • Create the Data Vault
    • Import from the Physical model
    • Apply the model conversion from 3NF to DV
  • Generate the application for WhereScape RED
    • Add a RED design category
    • Import from the Data Vault model
    • Apply the model conversion to generate load and stage tables
  • Export to WhereScape RED

In WhereScape RED

  • Install WhereScape RED
  • Create SQL Server database
  • Add ODBC entry
  • Install the Metadata Repository
  • Install the Application Package
  • Rebuild stage, hub, link and satellite stored procedures

Building the Data Mart:

Using WhereScape RED we will:

  • Setup the data mart processing parameter
  • Create the stage tables for the dimensions
  • Create the dimension tables
  • Create the role-playing date dimension views
  • Create a stage table for the fact
  • Create the fact table
  • Install the WhereScape RED Scheduler
  • Create and run the end-to-end job
  • Create and display the fully documented Data Vault and Data Mart


19 - 20 Nov 2018


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Data Vault Express,


Level 14, 9 Hunter Street, Sydney


Peter Goldsworthy
1800 737 126