Course description:

Learn the Tableau  functionality required for intermediate Tableau users. It starts with a revision of everything from Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop and moves to a more in-depth look at sets, quick table calculations, multiple visualisations, reference lines, bands and distributions, parameters, motion chart, trends and forecasting, formatting, stories, performance recording and advanced mapping.

The lessons are organised into modules that provide conceptual information, how-to steps, follow me (where the students follow the instructor using Tableau) and tutorials on each subject. They provide the opportunity to visually analyse data, and use these intermediate skills and techniques to enhance your Tableau experience.


Tableau end users and analysts. Prerequisite is Tableau Desktop training or equivalent.


Tell me, I’ll Forget; Show Me, I’ll Remember; Let Me Do It, I’ll Understand

For each topic:

  • the instructor will explain any new concepts to be used and show how to use Tableau Desktop to achieve the desired result
  • the students will follow along with the instructor
  • the students will then practice what they have learnt by doing the exercises


Course Content:

Review of Tableau Prep

  • Input
  • Step
  • Union
  • Join
  • Pivot
  • Aggregate
  • Branch
  • Output

Review of Tableau Desktop

  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Geographic map
  • Filled map
  • Crosstab
  • Heat map
  • Highlight table
  • Histogram
  • Groups
  • Dates
  • Calculations
  • Dashboard

Creating Sets

  • Create static set
  • Create dynamic set
  • Create combined set

Quick Table Calculations

  • Quick Table Calculations

Multiple Visualisations

  • Measure Names and Measure Values
  • Multiple visualisation types
    • Side by side bar
    • Combined axis chart
    • Stacked marks
    • Dual axis chart
    • Bar in bar chart

Reference Lines, Bands and Distributions

  • Reference line
  • Options available
  • Reference band
  • Reference distribution
  • Boxplot
  • Instant Analytics

The power of Parameters

  • Parameters

Motion chart

  • Motion chart

Trends and Forecasting

  • Create Trend lines
  • Model Types
  • Create Forecast

Formatting Visualisations

  • Formatting


  • Story Usage
  • How to create Stories

Performance Recording

  • Compare Performance

Advanced Mapping

  • Background Images
  • WMS Servers
  • Mapbox maps


02 - 03 Mar 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Tableau Intermediate


Level 14, 9 Hunter Street, Sydney