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The Data School Australia seeks to help the data skills shortage in the analytics market

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SYDNEY, August 2018
The Data School Australia seeks to help the data skills shortage in the analytics market.

‘A true data professional is often described as someone who can balance technical competency with business know-how and the softer skills or being able to listen and communicate effectively’, Brad Howarth writes in an article on about the exciting immersive program The Data School Australia has launched.

The Data School Australia is the first global offshoot from the successful UK-founded model. The end goal is to resolve the issue of the data professional shortage in the analytics market and produce consultants that have the full repertoire of skills necessary to succeed.

UK Data School founder, Tom Brown, talks to CMO about the unique criteria laid out by the program that sets the foundation for the right type of people. “It doesn’t just find the typical people you might expect on a graduate training program,” Brown said. “We are looking for people who are passionately interested in working with data.”

The UK program has successfully graduated 8 cohorts thus far.  Many of these graduates have been placed straight into the workforce. Brown speaks about their client, Jaguar Land Rover, “Within six months our four guys trained their staff of 40, and we left them with a strong analytics team that now provide services across the whole business.”

Steve Hitchman, founder of The Data School Australia, powered by MIP, said that the Australian Data School has their first cohort steamrolling ahead with expectations to deliver skilled consultants to market in the exact same way as their UK equal.

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